beyond measures & time is Steve Rivera’s new release, recorded at Imaginary Roads Studios. Steve’s goal is to create music that is open, leaving space for the listener to interpret and contemplate, transcending both “measures & time’. Having the listener receive and
envision the music the same way that Steve did while composing becomes the ultimate “wow” moment.

Steve was looking for a different concept for the artwork for this release and conceived the idea of “deconstructing” the piano, music and time, using various parts and props including keys, hourglasses, watches, and hand-written music composition notes place into a piano. Steve chose Royal Piano Works as the location to shoot, and had Scott Shelly work his photography magic. Designer Matt Streiby from New Leaf Design added his amazing talents to help create this incredible one of a kind cover.

“Whereas many piano players who market their music as “new age” often tend to avoid touching on darker moods and emotions, Steve Rivera’s tenderly introspective compositions perfectly elicit both light and shadowy atmospheres, with a command of dynamics that is rarely heard.” ~ Candice Michelle, Journeyscapes Radio

“Steve Rivera, from the beginning of his career, has written some of the best piano music to be heard in the New Age genre. Steve has recently recorded a new album entitled, beyond measures & time, this time offering an album of intimate solos which bring us even closer to the soul of this brilliant artist.” ~ Will Ackerman, Imaginary Road Studios

“As much as I love Steve Rivera’s debut, Dividing the Darkness, his solo piano Beyond Measures & Time overflows with that very special something that can come only from a sensitive soul at one with his piano, playing from the depths of his heart.” ~ Kathy Parsons,

Track Listing

1 Suspended Dream 4:58
2 Passing Shadows 3:15
3 Unlocking the Moments 3:45
4 Spectrum of Thoughts 4:36
5 Falling Closer 6:18
6 In My Own Memories 3:31
7 Waves and Particles 3:35
8 From the Beginning 2:04
9 Dark Tides 4:02
10 Fragmented Dreams 3:58
11 Measures & Time 4:04

Facebook: @steveriveramusicpage

Steve’s music can be purchased on his website, Amazon, & iTunes.
His music can be streamed on Spotify, Pandora and more.



All music written and performed by Steve Rivera.
Produced by Will Ackerman.
Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Tom Eaton –
Imaginary Roads Studios, VT
Album Concept by Steve Rivera
Photography by Scott Shelly shot at Royal Piano
Works (
CD Design/Layout by Matt Strieby, New Leaf Design

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